Our Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statement


Here in Herefordshire our community has adapted really well to the new "social distancing" way of life, and played their part in sticking to the rules. As a result we have very low Covid-19 cases and deaths across the county.

Wall End Farm and guest accommodation are in an isolated country location. Our cleaning regimes have been heightened and we carry out sanitising cleans after each departure. All high-touch surfaces are sanitised, such as doorknobs, cabinets and light switches. We provide extra cleaning supplies for your use during your stay and we wear protective equipment such as mask, gloves & apron while cleaning.

It will be crucial that you also play your part in this, to help us protect everyone; this will be in the following ways:

  • Adhering to good hand washing and hygiene practices during your stay
  • Refraining from calling us out to the accommodation, unless it is an absolute emergency
  • Alerting us to any guest presenting/developing Covid-19 symptoms during or after their stay
  • Protecting our local community by adhering to social distancing protocols
  • Asking our guests to please strip their own beds and using the laundry bags provided to leave these in the rooms along with your towels – we do understand this is unusual, but this should only take a couple of minutes and will minimise any contact that our team will have with your laundry.

If you have any questions about an upcoming stay please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your queries.